About Kiki

She is a passionate worker. She teaches everything she knows.

She’s a daughter of loving parents, a sister of a beautiful young doctor and of an artist brother, a crazy friend for a party and a partner for a messed-up moment.

She’s a lover. She loves dancing. She loves guitar. She loves capturing the beauty of life. She loves her mom’s cooking. She loves you.

She is a young woman had lived between two islands; Java and Bali and now based in Solo-Java finding her true self and still figuring out what she wants to be.

And sure, she’s a DREAMER, like you.

Thank you for stopping by. Our encounter is a destiny. –Kiki


–P.A, East Bali 2015

2 thoughts on “About Kiki

  1. Halo, aku baru terdampar di halaman ini. Salam kenal dari newbie Pekanbaru . Mbak asalnya dari mana ya? Maksudnya antara pulau Jawa dan Bali itu di pulau Madura ya?#ngasaltebak

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