When I Kiss You

JpegWhen I kiss you,

I don’t need alcohol to kiss you

I don’t kiss you for money

I don’t kiss you because you buy me food or drinks or ticket

I don’t kiss you to get over someone else

I don’t kiss you with lust

When I kiss you,

I kiss you with passion

I kiss you with love that I keep for more than 365 days times 2 or 3 or more

I kiss you with my heart

I kiss you with gratitude

I kiss you with a pray that God will keep this feeling forever

When I kiss you,

I don’t know if you kissed me with your desire

I don’t know if you don’t feel the same way as I do

I don’t know if you would leave me afterward

And the worst one,

I don’t know if you kiss somebody else…

When I kiss you,

I love you,

Not him, nor anyone else.






The girl in the corner was sitting quietly, staring at her iPad. She was sweeping right and left. So did the girl in the centre. She was staring at her iPhone, did the same finger movement as the girl in the corner.

Some take it easy. Some take it hard.

They were lonely. They were hurt.

They were empty inside. They were cheering up.

They needed someone to talk to or someone to fuck.

They might find an evil, might find an angel .